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The Keychain - February 1, 2015

Solar Power wins again. While toying around with a solar powered emergency power bank keychain I got for Christmas this year, I noticed that Syracuse has potential. Even though it may seem cloudy and grim for most of the year, there is still so much solar radiation that reaches the Earth that the clouds are little more than a curtain that shields our eyes. The amazing power of the sun shines bright through these clouds and still delivers enough power to charge a solar powered keychain. Now ask yourself what else can it power? The possibilities are endless.

Solar VS No Solar, Solar Wins in the Long Term - January 12, 2015

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Solar Solutions! January 6, 2015

What if you could heat your house in the winter by using the sun's ambient radiation? What if you could harness the power of the sun on cloudy days, and still be able to heat your house? The future is near and with each and every passing day, new revelations come about in the area of efficiency and optimization.

The Cost: Currently, a bit prohibitive. However, with time and innovation, the price will decrease to allow everyone to be able to afford some type of solar powered solution. In steps the Solar Solution.

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New News - August 5, 2014

Perhaps I should not blog, for I have been neglecting this for some time now. Solar power is still wonderful and exciting, a world literally filled with possibilities. The other day I saw a Chevy Volt on the road and it made me proud to also be driving a Chevy. Now for those of you who are not familiar with the Chevy Volt, it is an all-electric vehicle. In fact, I did not even see an exhaust on the rear of the car. Although in comparison, my little 4 cylinder engine is still a gas-guzzler compared to the new Chevy Volt. And no, I am not a paid spokesperson, I just have owned a Chevy Lumina that lasted over 190,000 miles and my current car has over 380,000 miles on it. Perhaps I should buy a Volt as my next car and a solar powered vehicle charging station. As I said before, the possibilities are endless. Education is the key to the effective spread of knowledge, so educate yourself today!

The Ozone Bubble - June 3, 2014

President Obama has started into action a law which should reduce fossil fuel emissions by 30% by the year 2030. Although that is somewhere around 15 years into the future when this will finally take into effect on June 2015, it is much needed. Greenhouse gases going out of control have led to what scientists are describing as global temperature change. Recently watched the Cosmos on FOX on Sunday night and even Neil deGrasse Tyson had something important to say about it, showing statistics and examples of clear indications that we have adversely affected the health of our planet. At least within the next 15 years we will be cutting our fossil fuel emissions, but is it too little, too late?

The Beginning - June 1, 2014

I just felt like blogging, so we will have to see how long this lasts. But not about just anything... about solar power, alternative energy, and the like. If I find something of interest in the industry, I will try to share it as well as give my opinion on the subject. This particular idea is absolutely phenomenal! If this gets implemented in the United States, we are basically looking at a SURPLUS of fossil fuels for our children, or for the next generation's children.

Picture this, something along the lines of ... well I did a quick Google search and this is what it said 
There are 3,980,817 miles (6,406,504 km) of roads in the United States, 2,605,331 miles (4,192,874 km) paved and 1,375,486 miles (2,213,630 km) unpaved
This is an absolutely stunning statistic. With a roadway composed of solar panels, that equals out to be about 2.6 MILLION miles of paved roads which could be converted to usable Solar Roadways. Granted this will cost a hefty sum of money, but how much money have we spent on war and war materials in the last ten years? My point remains; we would be spending a lot less fossil fuels in the long run.

For once we could be at an energy surplus, and possibly become a leader in Science, Technology and Mathematics again? What are we waiting for? The red tape has stopped so many different attempts at doing this, but I have a feeling this crowdsourcing attempt by Solar Roadways will be the thing that TRULY makes the difference as to if we will see this as a commercially viable opportunity or not.

Very cool stuff. Solar Roadways? Yes!! This video has gone viral (and if you haven't taken the time to watch it, PLEASE PLEASE do so now), SHARE the video, because it is time to make this happen!

Solar Roadways Promo Video

Link to their IndieGoGo Campaign: Solar Roadways IndieGoGo Campaign
Link to their page: Solar Roadways Company

Author: Ryan O'Donaghy