Commercial Solar

Whether your business is large or small, there is always those pesky monthly utility bills.

Not only does this take away from the all-important 'bottom line' but it also adds to the growing problem of Global Warming.

With a simple addition of a properly-designed PV (photovoltaic) system, annual utility costs could be decreased by as much as 30% per year for the lifetime of the solar panels. This is typically 15-20 years before the panels need to be replaced/upgraded and the system re-evaluated. However, during this typical 15-20 year lifespan, the average commercial customer will realize a positive ROI on their PV system within approximately 5-7 years. This means that for over 50% of a PV panel's useful life, it has a Positive ROI. 

Still not convinced? Read the NYSERDA website for more information about Energy Saving Grants that are available exclusively for Business Owners whose primary business location is here in New York. More information about this excellent cost-savings program can be found here. (The link will open in a new browser window).