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The Solar Solution's Mission Statement is to help Homeowners reduce their carbon footprint by using the endless, renewable energy from the Sun.
  • For every additional solar panel installed, we collectively reduce the amount of non-renewable fossil fuel usage
  • This reduction in fossil fuel usage leads to reduced pollution generated. 
  • By using solar power, you are helping the next generation in the very real battle against Global Warming.
  • Once initial setup is completed, by comparison, maintenance costs are tiny.
Today solar power seems to be in the news every day. With all the new electronic devices and gadgets available currently, our need for electricity is greater than ever. Solar installations include basic systems for your house, systems that power large companies, and even larger installations that power cities. Become part of the solar revolution by becoming a repeat visitor to the site to learn about Industry News and trends.
"Together We All Live On One Planet, Together We Can Use One Solution To Solve The Energy Crisis, Together We Can Use Solar Power To Unite The World To Create A Greener Planet" -Ryan, Owner


Have you ever been interested in learning more about going green? Check out the pages on this website to read and learn more about creating a more energy efficient household. Not only does it help to save money on utility bills, but it also helps to globally reduce the amount of fossil fuels used to heat and cool our houses every day.
Read more, learn more. You are never too old or too young to learn something new. There are new products being released into the marketplace every week, with plenty more being researched every day. It is important before making a decision about any purchase to become informed before making any choices. As a company, we are dedicated to education and continual education for all of our employees and contractors. This ensures that we are and will remain the most knowledgeable source for information about green alternatives to the Central New York community.
New technology in photovoltaic devices. We are no longer using bulky, possibly home-made solar panels of the late 1980s and early 1990s. There have been improvements in the areas of silicon conductors, as well as in the area of organic building compounds. Not only does this mean that solar panels and their accompanying devices have had their prices slashed, but this also means that there are many options to choose from and manufacturers located all over the world who now offer global shipping.
Because of this increase in the knowledge base available, there are many more opportunities to research existing and new technologies than ever before. Take some time to visit the site by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page, or you can also check out some of these links below to websites not affiliated with this one.
"The Transformative Power of a Single Lightbulb is Simply Amazing" -David Letterman